Our Top 5 RV Maintenance Tips

With three locations across the country, our RV service technicians are equipped with the skills and knowledge to cover everything you need, from satellite and hitch installations to collision damage repair and custom paint jobs. With so much expertise on board, we asked them to share their top five maintenance tips to help you stay on the road even longer.

1. Routine Inspections

Make sure to inspect roof seals, slide seals, and any weather-stripping at least every three months for deterioration, and to prevent water leaks. Also, perform a full inspection of your lube oil filter and chassis to avoid any issues. This also goes for your leveling jacks, keeping an eye out for leaks, cleaning out any debris, and lubricating the cylinders.

2. Service the Essentials

To ensure your RV will run properly in adverse weather conditions and in locations where power isn’t always in supply, have your roof A/C and generator serviced before departure. You’ll also want to have your refrigerator serviced to avoid any potential issues.

3. Check for Functionality

You’ll want all your features running smoothly when you’re on the move, so check the awning tension yearly, adjusting tension as needed, and check your slide room functions for proper movement, lubricating as necessary.

4. Do a Test Run Before Hitting the Road

To mitigate any performance issues, it’s best practice to run your generator and Aqua Hot system once a month for 2 hours (when not in use regularly). Also, clean and load test your batteries every six months to ensure they’re in working order.

5. Make Sure It’s Safe

Inspect and test your safety equipment. This includes all emergency exit windows to ensure full operation in the event of an emergency, as well as the dates on your CO and smoke detectors.